Rose Geranium Scrub
Rose Geranium Scrub
Rose Geranium Scrub
Rose Geranium Scrub
Rose Geranium Scrub

Rose Geranium Scrub


You will fall truly, madly and deeply in love with our Rose Geranium Body Scrub because it’s just that incredible. From the way the organic sugar feels on your skin to its irresistible flowery scent, this scrub is one of Soothe Organics signature products. 

If you’re not already treating yourself to a good old-fashioned scrub you must try ours. The organic sugar will effortlessly polish away old skin and dirt, helping improve your skin’s circulation to reveal fresher looking and feeling skin. You might even get asked for proof of age next time you’re out and about.

5 benefits of Soothe Organics Rose Geranium Body Scrub:

  1. The exfoliating granules help to slough off dead skin
  2. Your rubbing action boosts circulation and drains lymph nodes by increasing blood flow to your skin’s surface
  3. After you’re all scrubbed, your body will feel smooth, hydrated and moisturised
  4. It can lift your mood as you become mindful of the texture against your skin
  5. All 4 ingredients are certified organic and ridiculously good for you

With soothing macadamia oil and a generous amount of organic rose petals, our scrub will tone, moisturise and soften all types of skin. But be warned, it’s possible the lure of our scrub’s flowery rose scent will entice you to the bathroom for another shower.

Top tip: Instead of roughly towel drying yourself after using this scrub, just gently pat your skin dry so you’ll retain all the goodness on your skin not your towel.

Our natural Rose Geranium Body Scrub is handmade with love in small batches and without any thinners or preservatives because purity is what we do best. We recommend using Soothe Organics products within 6 months of opening, although they’re so amazing we doubt you’ll have any left by then.

Beautifully housed in a 210gm/7.41oz glass container, our vegan-friendly scrub is a fantastic quick moisture fix for your precious skin.

Our 100% Certified Organic Ingredients:

Organic Sugar

Organic Macadamia Oil

Organic Geranium Essential Oil

Organic Red Rose Petals

Note: It’s advised that essentials oils not be used during pregnancy.