Our Ingredients

From the organic avocado oil in our lip balm to the geranium essential oil in our body butter that moisturises and nourishes your skin from the inside out, Soothe Organic uses only certified organic ingredients. We have sought out organic growers and suppliers who are as passionate about nutrient-rich products as we are and have the highest level of certified organic accreditation possible.

“Soothe Organic ingredients are pure and known for their unique nourishing qualities.”

Every flower petal, butter and essential oil we use to make our products is lovingly sourced from local organic growers who willingly adhere to the strictest of growing conditions in order to achieve certification.

Interestingly, such is the unique nature of some of our ingredients; some simply aren’t grown in Australia. In this case they’re obtained overseas from certified organic suppliers who are held to the same strict guidelines local growers are. Now isn’t that just a little bit fancy!


Soothe Organic Ingredients

Organic Golden Jojoba Oil

This luxurious oil easily penetrates your skin leaving a non-greasy feel while allowing it to breathe. It won't block pores, and its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties can help soothe acne and help with itchy skin, psoriasis, scars and stretch marks. It can also lessen fine lines and wrinkles, promoting skin suppleness while rejuvenating your skin. This oil is particularly beneficial for ageing, sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin. 

Find this oil in our Avocado Lavender Lip Balm, Camellia Geranium Butter and Golden Jojoba Butter.


Organic Macadamia Oil

A nourishing oil that feels light and non-greasy on your skin; this ingredient protects your skin from dehydration while simultaneously balancing it. Because it’s an anti-inflammatory, this oil assists with cell regeneration and comes with great softening and moisturising qualities. Particularly helpful for dry, irritated and itchy skin, this oil is packed with antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties.

A favourite used in Golden Jojoba Butter, Green Tea Body Balm and Rose Geranium Body Scrub.


Organic Almond Oil 

An easily absorbed oil for dehydrated skin; almond oil feels light and is soothing. Its anti-inflammatory properties will soften, recondition and regenerate skin cells while increasing the circulation of your skin. This oil can calm down acne, help with dry and itchy skin as well as lessen the appearance of scars.

Enjoy this oil in our Golden Jojoba Moisturiser


Organic Avocado Oil 

This rich and nourishing oil penetrates deeply into your skin offering superb hydrating and moisturising qualities; it’s also wonderful for dry and mature skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe dry, itchy and irritated skin, particularly in conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Avocado oil will increase the collagen production and cellular regeneration of skin and shields against age-related issues.

It’s the base ingredient in our Avocado Lavender Lip Balm and lovingly added to our Golden Jojoba Butter and Green Tea Body Balm. 


Organic Green Tea Infused Safflower Oil 

Rich in antioxidants, this healing oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. It can help to slow down the development of ageing signs, wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Studies have credibly shown topical green tea formulations help reduce sun damage by killing free radicals and reducing inflammation. 

You will find this wonderful oil in our solid moisturiser Green Tea Body Balm


Organic Safflower Oil 

A light and easily absorbed oil that is suitable for all skin types. It can assist with the unblocking of pores and reduce blackheads and acne. It stimulates regeneration of new skin cells and is particularly helpful in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and acne. With great hydrating qualities it promotes elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Look for this beautiful oil in our Green Tea Body Balm


Organic Camellia Oil 

Used in Japan and China for centuries, this oil boasts outstanding moisturising and softening properties. Of all the plant oils it’s one of the lightest and fastest absorbed by skin. It’s particularly helpful with skin that is dry and showing signs of premature ageing, and it may protect your skin from environmental damage such as age spots, freckles and excessive pigmentation. Camellia oil is also packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory goodness.

One of our favourites that you’ll find in our Camellia Geranium Butter


Organic Apricot Oil

Known for its easy absorption and lightness, this oil offers excellent softening and moisturising properties. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are great for dry, red, itchy skin conditions, while cell regeneration and collagen production help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This oil is suitable for all skin types, particularly extra dry skin. 

We use this wonderful oil in our Camellia Geranium Butter.


Organic Shea Butter 

Crammed with antioxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties; this hard-working butter assists with skin healing, blemishes, eczema and dermatitis. It can soothe and calm irritated skin and has moisturising, regenerative and softening properties. This butter can also help your skin retain moisture, improve flexibility and repair itself.

Find me in Green Tea Body Balm, Golden Jojoba Butter and Avocado Lavender Lip Balm.


Organic Cocoa Butter

One of nature's richest moisturisers, this product offers deep hydration that provides a natural barrier to skin so it retains moisture and is protected from the elements. Jam-packed with antioxidants that fight free radicals and protection against aging skin, this butter is known to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. It’s effective in easing sensitive skin problems such as eczema and dermatitis and as a moisturiser it has cell regenerative benefits as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Enjoy this beautiful butter in our Camellia Geranium Butter.


Organic Lavender Essential Oil

One of the most versatile and loved essential oils; this ingredient is valued for its mild, balancing and stimulating effect on skin. Every type of skin benefits from lavender oil, but it is particularly useful for inflammatory skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and acne. This wonderful oil encourages cell regrowth while balancing and detoxifying the skin. Its fragrance is calming, balancing and uplifting. 

We use it in our Avocado Lavender Lip Balm and Golden Jojoba Butter


Organic Geranium Essential Oil  

This flowery and rose-like scented oil can help with cell regeneration, reduce the appearance of scars and encourage wounds to heal. This oil can also help in bringing circulation to the skin while promoting an even skin colour. It will tighten and firm your skin, and because it’s anti-bacterial and anti-microbial it’s particularly helpful in balancing oily and dry skin types. The oil’s fragrance will help to promote calm and inner balance. 

Discover this oil in our Camellia Geranium Butter and Rose Geranium Body Scrub


Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

With an uplifting fragrance, this oil is rich in powerful antioxidants to help to stimulate cell growth to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It energises skin circulation and the supply of nutrients, as well as cleansing waste products from the skin. With antibacterial properties, it can help with acne and oily skin conditions as well as dermatitis and eczema. Used on the face it can help lighten dark spots and blemishes and brighten your skin’s complexion. 

This oil is used in our Camellia Geranium Butter


Organic Beeswax 

Beeswax has strong antiseptic, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties that are very protective to the skin. When applied it forms a barrier against irritants while holding in moisture and allowing the skin to breathe. To keep skin hydrated this honey-scented ingredient attracts water molecules and locks them in. It contains vitamin A to help those with dry itchy or sensitive skin and is soothing for anyone with reactive skin.

Our Avocado Lavender Lip Balm and Green Tea Body Balm contain beeswax. 


Organic Rose Petals

We have chosen rose petals for their heady fragrance but also their soothing effect on skin. Our roses are naturally fragrant and one of the three varieties used for rose oil production. Its anti-bacterial properties are great for acne and breakouts, and it can soothe irritated skin as well as reduce redness for those with sensitive skin. Rose petals have natural oils that act as a skin toner while moisturising and softening the skin.

Used indulgently in our Rose Geranium Body Scrub.


Organic Raw Sugar

This sugar is an effective exfoliant for the skin that breaks down and removes dirt and oils from pores leaving them clean and clear. It encourages skin cell renewal creating a fresher-looking skin while locking in moisture. It’s also a natural exfoliant that removes dead and dull skin cells, and we use it in our scrub because it instantly transforms and moisturises your skin. 

You’ll find this in our Rose Geranium Body Scrub. 


Tip: Soothe Organics advises that products containing essentials oils should not be used during pregnancy. We also recommended to patch test products on a small area of skin. 

If you’re looking for a natural product made with no nasties or fillers, visit our shop to discover our balms, butters and scrubs.