Making a difference

By choosing to nourish your body with Soothe Organics pure and organic skin-care range, you’re also making a difference to the lives of people in need, both locally and afar. 

As strong supporters of sustainable and ethical organic farming practices, we are also deeply committed to giving back and assisting those who need it the most.

“Giving back is not just about making a donation – it’s about making a difference,” – Kathy Calvin, CEO of the United Nations Foundation.

Everyone needs a helping hand from time-to-time, and as such we’re proud to be partnered with charities. As Soothe Organics grows and thrives we intend to support more non-profits in various ways.

“While the core of our business is creating quality skin-care products, the heart of it is nourishing all peoples.”

One charity that is dear to our heart is Rafiki Mwema; a non-profit tirelessly run by Lennox Head woman Sarah Rosborg. For years she has poured her heart and soul into helping young girls and boys in Kenya who have been abused and/or live on the street.

Under her guidance and fierce determination to make a difference, there are now four secure homes, two for the boys and two for the girls, where children are therapeutically supported and most importantly loved. Here is Sarah to explain a little more... 

"Rafiki Mwema means ‘loyal friend’ in Swahili and that is what we are to these children. The impact of sexual abuse and the horrific circumstances around the lack of care and support for our children is heartbreaking.

In our family we have little girls as young as two, up to teenagers who are now fifteen and at school. At Rafiki we work with boys and educate them to respect themselves and others, we teach them values to become safe family members.

They’re supported to have contact with their families but above all they are loved. We are committed to supporting children who have experienced things we cannot even imagine, to help heal their trauma and allow them to grow to love and be loved.

But we couldn’t do it without the help and support from various businesses such as Soothe Organics, who have contributed monies to the running costs of Rafiki Mwema. We all need a little charity in our lives."