About our Products

Our products are pure yet potent

Soothe Organics products are thoughtfully created with you in mind. We passionately believe that your skin deserves to be nurtured and protected with the best nature has to offer.

“Made with love and 100% certified organic ingredients, our luscious lotions are handmade in small batches to ensure exceptional quality.”

Take our organic lip balms and moisturiser sticks for example; they’re a delicate blend of natural oils and absolutely nothing else. Soothe Organics products will feed and nurture your skin with the essential nutrients it needs to be healthy and thrive. As an added bonus you’ll also look and feel incredible. 

As for our decadent healing butters, they’re hand-packaged in amber glass and extremely concentrated. Importantly, because our products are made with potent and powerful certified organic ingredients there’s no need to lather your body in them, just use sparingly and as needed.


Soothe Organic products include:

When you buy Soothe Organics you're getting high doses of pure, plant-based ingredients that enrich and protect your skin, much like nuts nourish your body with good fats. Our ingredients are plucked straight from Mother Nature’s garden and then lovingly blended to create balms and butters that give you glowing skin and nourish your body. It’s quite possible we love your skin more than you do!

Are there really no preservatives? How?

You might not be aware that water is commonly used in mainstream skin-care products as a filler to make it go further; as a result germs can be introduced. Because we don’t use thinners we don’t need preservatives. We prefer to make small batches of our products using only certified organic ingredients.

Soothe Organics outright refuses to use potentially harmful additives, fillers, synthetics or preservatives to lengthen the life of a product at the expense of your skin’s health.

Fact: All Soothe Organics products are free of palm oil, fillers, synthetics, petroleum synthetics, colours, toxins, additives and preservatives.

Help, I’m not sure how much to use?

Because of the purity of Soothe Organics Camellia Geranium Butter, only a very small amount is needed. When using the butter, if the oil has not soaked into your skin within five minutes you have used too much. But don’t worry; simple apply this extra burst of goodness to another area of your body.

How are Soothe Organics products packaged?

We’re glad you asked. You see because our products are so pure and contain incredible essential oils, they can’t just be stored in any old thing. As such we’ve sourced amber glass jars for our body moisturisers that help to keep out light that can break down the oil. It’s a win-win because you can wash, recycle or repurpose your empty container. Our scrubs are packaged in clear glass jars that can also be reused.

Our lip balms and moisturiser sticks come in twist-up polypropylene plastic tubes to aid in application and transportation. We chose this because it’s the safest plastic to use because polypropylene containers do not leach harmful chemicals into foods or liquid. Safety first!

Tip: Our Green Tea Body Balm is solid not liquid, making it a perfect flying companion.


What’s the best way to store Soothe Organics products?

It’s best to Soothe Organics skin-care products out of direct sunlight. In saying that, in very hot conditions the butters can still go soft. If this happens simply put it in the fridge to re-set. As for the Rose Geranium Body Scrub, be mindful it’s housed in a glass container and accidents can happen when slippery hands are in the shower. 


I have sensitive skin, can I use these products?

 Soothe Organics products are so gentle they can be used on children, but do a patch test on them first. We’ve found that people with skin sensitivities use our products because they’re gentle and can soothe and reduce skin irritations such as eczema. Our Golden Jojoba Butter and Camellia Geranium Butter are perfect for your face because they won’t block your pores.

Tips and tricks for using our Golden Jojoba Butter:

  1. With clean dry fingers simply dot pea-sized bits on your skin at intervals
  2. Gently rub your Golden Jojoba Butter along your skin, use sparingly
  3. If after five minutes the oil has not sunk in, wipe off and apply to another area
  4. Apply as often as needed and do so with love and affection


Why is the moisturiser solid?

It’s solid because Soothe Organic products are natural and free of nasties. Not only does this luxurious balm lock in moisture beautifully, but it makes for a more versatile skin-care product. It’s handy for throwing in any bag and you can even take it on the plane when liquids are restricted.

We recommend that after purchase you use your wonderful Soothe Organics products within six months, although they will still be perfectly safe to use after that.

How often should I use the Rose Geranium Body Scrub?

Every day because it’s just that awesome, and also because it moisturises as it exfoliates – as a product it’s a total overachiever! Here are some more tips and tricks on using this little beauty: 

We’re so passionate about our products that we’ll tell you anything you want to know, we’ll even divulge what colour shoes we’re wearing! Just get in touch with us and we’ll answer all your questions as soon as humanly possible.